High-End Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Dedakj DE-Y1S High-End Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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1. Imports piston cylinder liner ring

2. Intelligent flow stalls precision adjustment

3. 8 million/min negative ion transmitter

4. High flow rate, high oxygen concentration

5. Adopt imported original molecular sieve from France with oxygen concentration up to 93%

6. Strong stability and adjustable 1L-6L flow rate for double oxygen inhalation.

7. Real-time intelligent control, grasp oxygen concentration status to avoid blind inhale oxygen.

8. SOS voice  one key voice for help

9. 14” HD touch screen

10. Big font for elderly easy to view

11. System failure alarm: compressor failure alarm, adjust the motor fault alarm, cooling fan failure alarm

12. Remote infrared wireless control

13. Multiple noise reduction design for elderly supplement oxygen and not disturb sleep

14. UV sterilization accessories box

15. Preset time cumulative function

16. High-frequency negative ion transmitter from Germany

17. Vehicle function

18. Deda pure copper oil-free compressor

19. low noise cooling fan

20. Aluminum alloy oxygen and nitrogen electromagnetic separation valve


Product Description:

Model:DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen concentration:30%-90%(±3%) adjustable
Display control:HD LCD touch screen
Rated voltage:AC220 ± 22V ( or 110V) 50±1Hz
Control distance:10 meters infrared remote control
Net weight:6.5kg
Operating noise:40-45dB
Oxygen generation method:Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
Size:340 x 185 x 305mm
Inhalation method:Ear hanging oxygen, Nose suction (earhook oxygen inhaler, nasal cannula)
Oxygen output:1L-6L  adjustable
Max Oxygen flow rate:6L/min
Max oxygen concentration:93%
Input power:120W
Ultraviolet disinfection:25 minutes timing
Negative ion function:The use of high-frequency negative ion transmitter
Standard accessories:   
3 meter oxygen tube ( including water storing equipment)  1pcs


Standard accessories:

3 meter oxygen tube ( including water storing equipment)  1pcs
Earhook oxygen inhaler  1pcs
Nasal cannula   1pcs
Remote control  1pcs
Power cord   1pcs
Nose sucking oxygen outlet mouth 1pcs
Filter and plug  1 set
Oxygen outlet mouth and fuse  1 set
User manual and certification  1 set
Warranty card   1 pcs